Elizabeth "Liz" Tolliver

Actually my newest character for another game that doesn't have a portal yet but helps me visualize her.


oWOD:VtM…She is a Malkavian who performs at Elysium in NYC, the childer of one of the 5 Princes of New York. Her derangement is DID (or MPD) whichever you wish to call it. One personality is a Toreador, the other a Mortal Child. She is a True Believer with abilities like the great Anatole’s. She is from Victorian England and was embraced at the base of Big Ben at the stroke of midnight. The Toreador allow her, her derangement b/c of the beautiful music she makes. The few times she has been seen in her “Mortal” personality she has always either revealed a secret she had no way of knowing of or predicted something that would affect the Camarilla. She prophesied the current attacks on the Kindred. But most took her comments of Dark Stars burning up in the night as poetry not prophesy.


Elizabeth "Liz" Tolliver

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